YOGA - The Most Disciplined and Healthiest Art of Living


**Yoga asanas to prevent 75 health problems have been uploaded**

This course is equipped with yoga which is of short duration typically between 35-90 minutes(depending whether you take short kriya or long) but is much more powerful and efficient and you will feel as if you got one year of happiness in one single day. :D

Scientists say if you meditate for 8 weeks, the structure of brain changes, the grey matter increases , immune system becomes stronger, your intellect becomes sharper, your memory becomes clearer and you will have better lifespan.

This yoga has proved to be 'The X-factor' to prevent various health diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Depression etc.

You might remember from high school biology that brain cells use chemicals called neurotransmitters to communicate. Under stress a hormone called cortisol is released which hinders the functioning at neurotransmitters making it harder for brain cells to talk to each other. This makes it difficult to think clearly and is the reason why we get confused in a crisis or a stressful situation. This also directs blood glucose or energy away from the brain. Knowing how stress affects brain brain, one would think the solution is to simply force to mind. Unfortunately, the mind has a terrible time telling itself what to do.

Many of us are familiar with the consequences of stress in our body such as headaches, depression etc. But do you know how it mainly affect us in various ways?


Headache Muscle tension or painChest painFatigueStomach upsetSleep problems


Overeating or under eatingAngry outburstsDrug or alcohol abuseTobacco useSocial withdrawal


AnxietyRestlessnessLack of motivation or focusIrritability or angerSadness or depression

So what is the solution to this problem? – Yoga (Proper Breathing Technique)

A solution to effectively managing stress and calming the mind can be found in a more tangible tool- BREATHING because there is a direct link between breathing and emotions. In other words, we can control our emotions through breathing. Improper breathing techniques may lead to improper emotions which in turn lead to the above listed effects.

We don’t get any results in a day. Even if you go to gym, there are certain protocols which need to be followed such as proper workout plan, nutrients intakes per day etc. Similarly, effects of yoga will be seen only if you follow certain guidelines like

Try to avoid intake of non- veg food, smoking, alcohol and tea/coffee as far as possibleTry to keep yourself away from negative peopleHelp at least one needy every day. Practice this yoga everyday in the morning(most preferably) without fail

Don't wait for all others to meditate and then you imitate them. Be a YOGI. Start meditating and inspire others.

A flower doesn't need to draw more efforts to prove its fragrance, it just automatically purifies the environment wherever it goes. Similarly, a yogi automatically spreads happiness and make purifies the environment.

I guarantee that you will feel the difference in your behavior within weeks. If not, we have got 30 days money back guarantee.

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