Mass Balance Overview

This is a Mass Balance Course Overview MB0. The full Course is set in 6 blocks (each is covered in a different Udemy Course)

MB0: Overview of the Course (THIS COURSE - FREE) MB1: Introduction to Mass Balance MB2: Single-Phase Mass Balance MB3: Multiple-Phase Mass Balance MB4: Transient State Mass Balance MB5: Conclusion of Mass Balance Course (FREE)

MB0: The general course overview is presented. Why do you need to study it, its importance, the content, text book, references, what do you need before you start the course and most importantly, the course structure

The course is 100% video presented. Includes 6 lectures and a Quiz.

You should finish this course within an hour. This is JUST and Overview of the hole course. Be sure to enroll to the other courses if you like the content!

P.S. If you are an Engineer, or studying Engineering, this is the perfect course to get the best of your bachelor. Mass Balance is one of the introductory Courses in Engineering and is SUPER important that you master it. You will be using it in LITERALLY ALL your other engineering courses such as Energy balance, Thermodynamics, Mass, Heat and Momentum Transport, Reactor Engineering, and of course in Plant Design...

NOTE: Introduction to Mass Balance Course MB1 is already online in UDEMY! Go check it out!