372 days ago
Fine Art Conceptual Photography from Shoot through Post Processing with Bella Kotak, Pratik Naik
It’s one thing to have a creative imagination but bringing your visions to life requires a specific skillset. You need to understand the technical challenges facing you to move from concept to planning production and finalizing your image. The amazingly talented duo of Bella Kotak and Pratik Naik will walk through every detail to creating your conceptual vision. Bella will help you understand how to evaluate locations and environment, pose your model, see color in a new way, and create beautiful props on a budget. Pratik will share his vast knowledge of color theory, color toning, and compositing images to streamline your retouching workflow. This class will offer an in-depth look at creative production and retouching process. 
You’ll learn: How to concept and develop a sceneColor theory and how it applies in camera and in post productionLocation practices to guide your eye toward beauty in common environmentsCommunication tactics for collaborating with other artistsLighting techniques for composite images and fine art portraitsBasic retouching of an imageColor toning techniques in Capture OneCompositing techniques for bringing an image together"
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