Sali Kaceli
460 days ago
Excel 2016 Intermediate to Advanced Tutorial
A comprehensive tutorial on Excel 2016 covering most essential features for business professionals, students or anyone that wants to learn how to use Excel. The concepts covered here apply also to previous versions of Excel such as Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007.

Excel 2016 Intermediate to Advanced Tutorial - Part 1
The following are covered in detail along with the starting times:
00:07 Getting Started with Excel 2016 - Learn the basics including the Tell Me feature.
11:15 Learn about the basic calculations in Excel 2016 such as SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT
21:45 Learn how to format a spreadsheet including conditional formatting in Excel 2016
25:04 Learn about additional core Excel functions and concepts such as SUM, Multiplying, Subtracting, Dividing in Excel 2016
32:41 Learn about the Quick Analysis Tools in Excel 2016
35:51 Learn about Data Sorting and Data Filtering in Excel 206
39:17: Learn about core concepts in Excel such as the types of references: Absolute, Relative Reference in Excel 2016
49:30 Learn how to create and use charts in Excel 2016 55:49 Learn how to use the Flash Fill Data feature in Excel 2016

Excel 2016 Intermediate to Advanced Tutorial - Part 2
Here is what is covered along with the times. The times might be a bit off.
00:05 Learn how to use Named References and Cross-sheet calculations in Excel 2016 1:
02:29 Learn how to Calculate Percentages in Excel 2013 three types of calculations
10:23 Learn how to use Financial Functions such as PMT, IPMT, PPMT in Excel 2016
22:21 Learn how to use the IF statement and logical functions in Excel 2016
28:29 Learn how to use One Click Forecasting in Excel 2016
30:03 Learn how to use the new and modern charts in Excel 2016
31:43 Learn how to use Pivot Tables in Excel 2016
38:06 Learn how to use Data Gathering in Excel 2016
39:45 Learn how to use the 3D Maps and Data Visualization Exel 2016
40:14 Learn how to use the new Financial Charts in Excel 2016
43:41 Learn how to use the Freeze Panes in Excel 2016
45:11 Learn how to Set the Print Area in Excel 2016
47:33 Learn how to Encrypt and put a Password in a Spreadsheet in Excel 2016
48:14 Learn how to use data validation in Excel 2016
51:56 Learn how to link Excel Data to a Word Report
56:29 Learn how to import and export data in Excel 2016
58:47 Learn how to export an Excel file to PDF in Excel 2016
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