Ashish Sahu, Mateusz Dymczyk
459 days ago
GPU-powered Interactive and Machine Learning
Machine Learning
A revolution is taking place in the GPU software stack in the fields of analytics, machine learning and deep learning, driven by NVIDIA’s hardware innovation, that provides 100x more processing cores and 20x greater memory bandwidth than CPUs. However, systems and platforms are unable to harness these disruptive performance gains because they remain isolated from each other. The GPU Open Analytics Initiative (GOAI) and its first project, the GPU Data Frame (GDF) was created to allow seamless passing of data between processes.

At this meetup, we’ll explain how we have implemented an end-to-end machine learning powered by GOAI. We will show how GDFs break down the silos to enable interactive data exploration, model training, and model scoring, that is lightning-fast by virtue of avoiding any serialization overhead. We will demo how data scientists may use MapD to visualize billions of rows, and use it to select features interactively. We will also show the integration with to seamlessly train models and predict outcomes. We're happy to share information specifically for your business needs, to help with your research and to amplify your open source hacking efforts.
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